Bring your own caravan, autocamper or villa tent and stay at The Village where you can feel the Herning2022 atmosphere day and night – with easy access to the venue with competitions, side events and our large exhibition area.  

*This area is reserved for families with children under the age of 12 years 

Camping access for 4 people is included  

*Access for more people in one caravan space can be added for an extra fee (maximum 6 people per space) 

  • Each caravan space will be marked with number and perimeter 
  • Power supply is included in the price 
  • All camping guests must wear valid bracelets  
  • You are not allowed to park any vehicles by your caravan – unloading and loading only  

This package is available in all four periods (1st period, 2nd period, 3rd period or the whole period) 


  • Quiet family area  
  • Mini supermarket  
  • Cozy BBQ area
  • Phone charging station 
  • Bike rental (daily and weekly basis) 
  • Bathing- and toilet facilities included in the price 
  • Walking distance to the venue 


1st or 2nd period €440 / 3.300 DKK
Extra fee per person  €110 / 800 DKK
3rd period €375 / 2.800 DKK
Extra fee per person€80 / 600 DKK
Whole period€575 / 4.300 DKK
Extra fee per person €160 / 1.200 DKK